Most people don’t think about their air conditioning or heating system until it stops working or they try to sell their home. While preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your air conditioner or furnace is working as efficiently as possible, it sometimes gets overlooked or forgotten. To avoid being caught off guard by a system that suddenly stops working, it’s important to become familiar with the early warning signs of an HVAC problem. If your heating or air conditioning system is showing any of the following HVAC warning signs, call to schedule a diagnostic inspection to address the problem before it becomes a bigger (and more expensive) issue.   

Your HVAC System Might Be In Trouble If….

HVAC Warning Sign #1 – Energy Bills Are Increasing

Increased utility bills are often one of the first signs of HVAC trouble. If your energy bill is rising but your daily routine remains unchanged, the HVAC system is often the reason.

HVAC Warning Sign #2 – Increased Repairs

Constant repairs or repeated short-term fixes are a sign of early system failure. To keep your family from being caught in the cold during winter or without AC in summer, schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor to get a better understanding of the overall health of your system.

HVAC Warning Sign #3 – Uncomfortable Temperatures

It is your HVAC system’s job to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your system is no longer keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, it may be time to change the filter and to schedule preventive maintenance.

HVAC Warning Sign #4 – Something Doesn’t Smell Right

If there is a smell coming from your HVAC system, that is often a sign that something has gone seriously wrong. If you smell mildew, dirty socks, burning, rotten eggs, or a chemical odor, call an experienced HVAC contractor to help diagnose and address the source of the smell.

HVAC Warning Sign #5 – Something Doesn’t Sound Right

A healthy and well-maintained HVAC system will typically run quietly. If you are hearing banging, clanging, whistling, rattling, squealing or squeaking from your system, it could be a sign that you need maintenance or a repair. While a loud system doesn’t always mean something serious is wrong, homeowners should get any new or excessively loud sounds checked out.

HVAC Warning Sign #6 – Excessive Water. Your HVAC system is made up of various pipes and coils that function at different temperatures, often producing a small amount of water. While some condensation is to be expected, excessive water is indicative of a problem. If you see water leakage or signs of mold, call an HVAC contractor immediately to diagnose the problem.

HVAC Warning Sign #7 – Older Systems

Some things get better with age. Unfortunately, your HVAC system isn’t one of them. The average HVAC systems lifespan is around 15 years. If your system is getting close to that threshold or has already passed it, you may want to consider replacing your system with a newer, ENERGY STAR system. Installed correctly, these high-efficiency units can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.


When it comes to your HVAC system, ignorance is not bliss. Scheduling a diagnostic appointment with an experienced HVAC contractor will give you a better understanding of the overall health of your system. If more extensive repairs are needed, a reputable HVAC contractor can help you determine if it is better to repair or replace your air conditioner or furnace. Many contractors offer easy financing options to help you manage these unexpected expenses.

If you think you are experiencing one of these warning signs, call Trademark Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning at (208) 772-5269 to schedule a diagnostic appointment today.