Spokane, WA

Air Conditioning

For top-quality air conditioning system installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance in Spokane, WA, look to our skilled and well-seasoned Trademark Mechanical heating and cooling experts. We have always been dedicated to serving our customers, just like you. We aim to provide the most innovative solutions here in Spokane.

Sometimes your air conditioning system works but fails to operate as efficiently as before. Our experts can step in to help with this. Our team will recommend everything from component replacement to a full air conditioning system upgrade to air duct sealing and more. We are always happy to assist you and address your air conditioning needs.

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Commercial Services

Do you have a heating and cooling company you can trust for all your commercial service needs? Look no further than Trademark Mechanical here in Spokane, WA.

Our commercial service experts can handle all of your commercial requests, all the way from heating and cooling installation or replacement to repairs and routine preventative maintenance. We are composed of a knowledgeable and highly skilled team, and we are dedicated to offering you services you can depend on all throughout the year.

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Ductless Systems

For the ductless system services you need here in Spokane, WA, and can count on, Trademark Mechanical is here for you. We offer expert installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance so your ductless system will be set up properly and remain efficient for the year.

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Renovating your current Spokane, WA, home and looking for a furnace upgrade? Trademark Mechanical can help by going over the best, most energy-efficient models and offering expert installation.

Not ready for an upgrade yet but need your current furnace repaired? We can take a look for you and get your furnace working again in no time.

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Heat Pumps

Has your heat pump reached the end of its service life? If it’s time for a heat pump replacement, our Trademark Mechanical professionals will gladly step in to assist. We can help select the right heat pump for your Spokane home and provide proper installation for you.

Maybe you’re looking for an upgrade. If this is the case, a heat pump is a fantastic idea because of its dual uses for heating and cooling your Spokane, WA, home. Even more, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. Invest in a heat pump to enjoy the many benefits these incredible systems have to offer.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your Spokane, WA, home? Speak with our Trademark Mechanical experts who can go over the various types of products and systems we have available to help.

Enhancing your indoor air quality could help you breathe and focus better. Why wouldn’t you want the freshest, cleanest air circulating throughout your home?

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Whole-House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Do you have a whole house humidifier in your Spokane, WA, home yet? Or do you need to reduce humidity in your air and opt for a whole house dehumidifier instead?

No matter what your needs are, our Trademark Mechanical professionals are here to go over the various ways you can control the levels of humidity in your home and remain comfortable every day of the year.

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Zone Control Systems

Ready to start maximizing the comfort of your Spokane, WA, home and enjoying a reduction in your heating and cooling expenses? Speak with our Trademark Mechanical experts about zone control system installation. Zone control systems are designed to help you control the temperature on different thermostats in different areas of your home.

Our experts are highly trained and experienced—there’s truly no better team to help set up a zone control system in your home. We are here to answer any of your questions and leave you with the top-quality results you want.

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Home HVAC Inspection Maintenance in Spokane, WA 99217

“Andy arrived on time and was very friendly and professional. He checked the duct pressure of our new heating unit for a potential rebate from our utility company. Andy did a quick and efficient job with some interesting conversation thrown in for good measure. Another positive experience working with Trademark Mechanical and their team of professionals.”

- Jim H.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Spokane, WA 99217

“Troy was professional, personable, efficient and knowledgeable.”

- Peter K.

Gas Furnace Repair in Spokane, WA 99223

“I totally trust this company – I know my heating/ cooling systems are well-maintained and serviced/ repaired only as needed. Plus, Troy has always taken the time to clearly explain any issues. Thank you !”

- Barbara T.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Spokane, WA 99318

“He did a really good job and very informative and was very professional”

- Michael S.

Gas Furnace Replacement in Spokane, WA 99203

“They were very knowledgeable & efficient; did a superb job.”

- Robert W.

Gas Furnace Repair in Spokane, WA 99005

“Showed up on time and explained everything to me. Cleaned area and was very professional. Will ask for him in future repairs and would gladly recommend Josh and your company to anyone who ask. Thank you so much.”

- Paul M.

Air Conditioner Installation in Spokane, WA 99156

“Pleased with their work”

- Marlene F.

Gas Furnace Installation in Spokane, WA 99208

“We had Trademark install a new gas furnace and air conditioner in our home in mid-April, 2022. This took parts of two days, but everything is working fine and we’re looking forward to enjoying the benefits and cost savings of the new system.

One of the things that influenced our choosing Trademark is that they are a contractor associated with Home Depot, and Home Depot backs up Trademark’s warranty. When we are making an investment of this size, with a firm that we didn’t previously have experience with, that was important to us. The Trademark team was very professional, they helped orient us on using the new thermostat, and we are happy that we chose them !”

- Jim D.

Heat Pump Installation in Spokane, WA 99148

“Efficient, professional, friendly. Very satisfied.”

- Larry C.

Heat Pump Installation in Spokane, WA 99217

“I had a team from Trademark Mechanical come over to replace my furnace and heat pump. All the employees were very professional and friendly answering all my questions and detailing what they were doing as the process proceeded. Every aspect of this installation from financing to actual install was really excellent. I changed my mind on the unit I wanted just a couple days before the scheduled install and the change was made without a hitch and with nothing but a positive attitude in getting it all done. I could not be more impressed with the employees of Trademark Mechanical and would highly recommend them to anyone needing such services.”

- Jim H.