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A generator is a lot like an insurance policy. You may be reluctant to make that initial investment, but when you need it, you’re definitely glad to have it. Call on Trademark Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning at 208-254-2755 for further information, premier systems, and expert installation in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. We make sure you’re prepared for a sudden power outage. There’s simply no need to struggle without running water, lights, temperature control, a sump pump, or any of your vital appliances.

Efficient Generator Repairs, Service & Installations

Running on natural gas or propane, standby generators automatically take over when there’s an interruption in power, run for as long as necessary, and require no refueling. You can operate your entire home or office or target specific breakers and continue your everyday routine. Trademark Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning customizes our recommendation to suit your goals and partners with such well-respected manufacturers as Generac. Our service provides protection and peace of mind across Hayden, ID, Sandpoint, ID, Dalton Gardens, ID, Garwood, ID, Coeur d'Alene, ID, Rathdrum, ID, Post Falls, ID, Athol, ID, Spirit Lake, ID.

Why invest in a backup Generator?

  • Swift, automatic, and uninterrupted supply of power during an outage.
  • Continue your normal life without inconvenience.
  • Maintain ideal comfort during extreme weather conditions.
  • Safeguard against dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges.
  • No need to refuel.
  • No need to be on the premises to initiate startup.
  • Seamless transition when power is restored.
  • Avoid damage such as flooding due to sump pump failure.
  • Increase the safety and value of your home.

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