Air Conditioning Repair

For any type of concern with your cooling system, Trademark Heating & Cooling is the smart call to make. We deliver cost-effective solutions without needless delays, disruption, or stress. Our extensive resources translate into quick response and turnaround.

Expert AC System Repairs

Our factory authorized team is equipped with smart technology, specialized tools, and a wide inventory of genuine replacement parts to resolve most issues right then and there. Trademark Heating & Cooling repairs all makes, models, and types of air conditioning equipment in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.

What Are the Most Common Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner?

Knowing what these signs are can avoid more extensive and expensive problems down the road:

  • The air conditioner isn’t producing enough cool air for your home.
  • Not much cool air blows from your vents.
  • When a cooling cycle starts, it quickly shuts down.
  • Your air conditioner makes unexpected noises during operation.
  • You experience temperature fluctuations throughout the home.
  • Your energy bills are higher, but you can’t explain why.
  • You notice your indoor air quality (IAQ) start to worsen.

If you detect any of these signs, book an appointment and have us take a look.

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Some likely reasons include a dirty air filter, a thermostat issue, low refrigerant, problems with your outdoor condenser unit, or even leaky air ducts. After checking your air filter, thermostat settings, and battery, give our professionals a call if you have not resolved the problem.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

If you find ice buildup on your equipment, turn off your system to allow it to thaw. There are a few most common reasons for the freezing, typically caused by a lack of necessary airflow—dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, blocked air ducts, and extremely dirty air ducts. You can do a quick check to see if any of these causes may be the culprit.

If you believe you have solved the problem after the equipment thaws, restart it. Otherwise, give our HVAC professionals a call if your system is still not back to normal. We can effectively diagnose and repair the issue in no time.

Call Your AC Repair Experts Today

Ignoring likely repair issues because your system still runs does not help your HVAC system. Take the same approach as you would with your vehicle—fix that rattling noise or other minor issue before you find yourself spending more on a bigger problem.

Our certified technicians use the finest, cutting-edge industry tools to achieve the best results. Book an appointment today and start on your way to better indoor comfort.

Trademark Heating & Cooling is always available to optimize the performance of your cooling system, anywhere across Hayden, ID, Sandpoint, ID, Dalton Gardens, ID, Garwood, ID, Coeur d'Alene, ID, Post Falls, ID, Athol, ID, Spirit Lake, ID, Liberty Lake, WA, and Spokane, WA. We remain on call, 24/7, and prioritize efficient, reliable, and sustainable operation. Starting with honest diagnosis of equipment and maintaining organized job sites, we set higher standards of customer service. It’s our goal to make both the repair process and end result as rewarding as possible. Call us today or request service online and let us keep you perfectly cool.



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