This is What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Air Filter

Changing the air filter on your furnace or AC is one of the most important yet overlooked home maintenance tasks. It is generally recommended that you change your air filter once a month, or when they begin to look dirty. However, more than one homeowner has asked us if this is really necessary, indicating that … Continued

7 HVAC warning signs you don’t want to ignore

Most people don’t think about their air conditioning or heating system until it stops working or they try to sell their home. While preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your air conditioner or furnace is working as efficiently as possible, it sometimes gets overlooked or forgotten. To avoid being caught off … Continued

End of summer HVAC tips for homeowners

With temperatures still in the 80’s, it’s easy to forget that fall is just around the corner. As the season changes, so do the demands on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Instead of running the AC, homeowners will be looking to their furnaces and other heating systems to keep their homes comfortable. As … Continued